Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She’s A Maniac… Maniac… In The Bath

Last night Fiona was getting her bath, and suddenly stood up and started stomping her feet in rapid succession, laughing as she made huge splashes.

Of course since this was unsafe, I had to tell her to sit down. Rob, who was witnessing this, suddenly thought of “Flash Dance,” and sang, “She’s a maniac…maniac in the tub.” I was going to use that for the heading, but decided changing “tub” to “bath” would seem less suggestive to those who had yet to read this post.

I try to limit sugar in Fiona’s diet, but wonder if I am unintentionally sneaking it in somewhere. Her hyperactivity just boggles my mind sometimes. Of course I would be more worried if at 2, she was too mellow.

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