Friday, March 27, 2009

Reviving this Blog from the Dead

Alrighty - I began this blog with such ambitious plans and then they fell by the way side. Truthfully, I got a little bummed seeing "(0) Comments" at the bottom of my posts and sort of gave up. That's terrible, I know. I'm sure I just wasn't promoting my blog enough. But then again, maybe my writing isn't comment worthy. Is there a way to know for sure?

So why am I bothering now? Well, I spent some time on Facebook and I began to think to myself, "Wouldn't it be great to just write a blurb about what's on my mind that I could add to my Facebook Wall?" Then I realized "Wait a second. That's a blog." And then I remembered once upon a time I had my own blog, which I sadly abandoned.

So for those of you who have been wondering what I'm up to. I have been working part-time from home - for my old employer. The long commute and time away from my daughter was why I left, but I liked the company well enough. So I'm back working for them more on my terms. The company is planning to move closer to my home - they have been planning the move for over a year, but the date was constantly pushed back, and I began to wonder if they were really going to go through with it. Once they move, I agreed to work in their office 3 days a week, which is my ideal. I found part-time daycare which wasn't terribly expensive. I always preferred the idea of working part-time in a local job to not working at all, but I would have rather been a stay-at-home Mom before working full-time at a job 40 miles away. My only hesitation with part-time work was the expense of part-time daycare.

I ended up back at my old employer when I asked them for a reference. The owner of the company asked me under what conditions I would come back. I said if I could work part-time from home, at least until the company moved, and once they moved I would work part-time in their office. I didn't think she would agree to those terms, but she did. I should have tried to work from home indefinitely. So here I am.

More ramblings to come.