Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's My Blog and I'll Post When I Want To

Hello everyone,

I'm so impressed by people who update their blogs regularly - like everyday. Some people even manage to make money from their blogs.

Me, I was about the throw in the towel. I had such high hopes for this blog. I imagined it could be a springboard into other blogs, maybe with more of a focus.

I decided to pick up this blog again, when I came across some other blogs that weren't updated regularly either. And a lot of these blogs also had the dreaded "0 Comments" after most posts. But what really inspired me were the blogs I found that had been updated daily and still had the "0 Comments" after most posts, but that didn't deter the blogger. Blogging is for fun!

I managed to stumble across some snazzy free blog backgrounds too! Once I gave my blog a face lift, I was invigorated. Let's get blogging!

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