Monday, July 21, 2008

Week Three July 21-25 - Investigate Work At Home Options

“There’s no such thing as easy money.”

That’s what my Dad always says. This project I both look forward to and dread the most. In my research into legitimate work at home options, I am forcing myself to take a good honest look at myself and ask myself:

Am I lazy?
Do I lack discipline?
Can I really make much money working 4 hours a day from home?
What are realistic but ambitious expectations?

Let’s see if the capchka, really works. To all “earn money from home!!!” solicitors: I’m not interested.

Maybe I should say that again, in bold this time: I’m NOT interested.

I’m not going to shell out a bunch of money to your companies because I don‘t trust you. Don’t waste your time.

Do I have to highlight and underline that 3 times? I hope not.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, I‘m sure you have all heard the adage: “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Most people love that advice, but I think that’s overly simplistic advice. I say, “Find a way to fulfill a want or need of enough people while doing what you love and maybe the money will follow.”

My saying is a little more wordy, and not at all catchy, but I feel it establishes more realistic expectations. Besides if everyone did what they loved, there would be no septic cleaners, and society needs those.

The “…doing what you love…” part might even be optional. I tried doing what I love, and after doing it for a profession, I stopped loving it. But if I am able to help someone because I am willing to do what few people are willing to do, perhaps that someone will be willing to pay for it. Septic cleaner might be the way to go.

But for now I want something that will fit around Rob’s work schedule so that I don’t have to pay for daycare. Working from home isn’t even a requirement, I just suspect that is the best option for avoiding daycare.

So I have 3 fears:
1. Myself - Can I be disciplined enough?
2. Solicitors / Legitimacy / Avoiding Pyramid or Ponzi Schemes
3. What I love doesn’t really have any practical application

And I have 3 ideas:
1. Online Affiliate Marketing
2. Medical Billing or Transcription
3. Multi-level (Party) Marketing

For each of the above, I’m going to ask myself these questions:
How much will it cost?
Can I work around Rob and Fiona’s schedules?
What is the earning potential?
What are my hopes for this job?
What are my fears?

Realistically, this process may take 2 weeks instead of 1. In fact, I had considered allotting a week for each idea, but decided this time, unlike when I was cleaning my house, and over-estimated how much time I would need, I need to stay motivated by moving at a constant pace.

Oh, and by the way, I’m only sharing my ideas with my parents, husband and you folks online who may happen to read this. I don’t really want any judgment from people I know, but if the online community wants to judge me, that’s ok.

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